Dog Coat Freebie!

My life has been blessed with ankle biters.

98% of my family is allergic to dogs, so one member got a standard poodle, and the rest of us got little tiny things so our holiday get-togethers look like doggie daycare for guinea pigs.

On top of all the dogs being knee-high to a grasshopper, we also constantly shave them to the bone to try and eliminate any potential shedding (even though they all have hair, not fur). All of this is to say that we have a large wardrobe for small dogs!

My husband and my perfect pooch

Meet Eloise – a Havanese which is a breed from Cuba (yeah, we’d never heard of one of those, either).

It was pure luck for us that she pawed her way into our lives! About four years ago, my brother (eight years my senior) and his then girlfriend found themselves on the dog hunt. They needed a hypoallergenic dog (shocker) but wanted a big dog personality! By that I mean loves to run, swim, chase, fetch, all that good doggy stuff. Through their searching, they came across the Havanese breed. When they went to meet one, it was love at first lap! They immediately found a breeder and set up to get a puppy who they named Riley.

Here’s the little bugger at his littlest

They were, unsurprisingly, great dog parents. They kept in touch with the breeder to give her updates.

About two years later, my then boyfriend, Josh, and I decided we wanted a fur-baby as well and we knew it had to be a Havanese! We got in touch with my brother’s breeder and she told us that she had two mamas about to give birth – a tried and true, black and white mama dog named Layla, and a little red first-timer named Cinnamon. Hearing red fur got me excited because I have red hair so it sounded meant to be, but she insisted that Layla was the better dog to claim a puppy from so we reluctantly agreed.

For circumstances out of anyone’s control, we ended up not being able to get a puppy at all. Puppies are energetic and need focused training that we weren’t able to provide.

To help mitigate the total bleakness that our not being able to get a puppy left in our hearts, my parents let us “borrow” one of their dogs.

Meet Heidi!

This little girl was my puppy. I bought her with my own money when I was in 8th grade but, of course, I had to leave her home when I wen’t off to college. Enter: Scruffy

Scruffaluffagus, Scrumple, Scruffle-puffy, he has a lot of nicknames

He was my sister’s pup until, more circumstances out of our control, he went to live with my parents as well. Four years of living together and Scruffy and Heidi are now completely inseparable. When Josh and I borrowed Heidi, we think she had fun, but she was homesick – she definitely missed Scruff and he certainly missed Heidi too.

We love Heidi, but we couldn’t separate these two

Meanwhile, my sister-in-law gets a call from her breeder that she has a dog who had one litter of puppies, but was really too small to become a breeder dog and did she know of any good homes for her?

Heck yeah! Josh and I were able to adopt a (mostly) potty trained dog without the puppy energy!

Any guesses what puppy the breeder needed a home for?

Day 1

The little red head! Cinnamon ❤ She was named Cinnamon because she’s a Valentine’s Day Baby, but she never got to know her name so when Josh and I changed it (we like people names for dogs) it took her less than a day to get used to it.

She needed a serious grooming!

The best part?

Starting a band

Riley and Ellie are half-siblings and they love each other!

Now that I’ve gotten to prattle on about my dog for a while (thank you for listening, I always love to talk about her) here’s the meat of the post! The coat pattern!

Here’s the basics. If you’re savvy, you could blow this up and trace it, but I’m also going to offer a full size printable at the bottom!

It’s a pretty simple pattern – you could make it sleeveless and it would be even simpler! If you’re a beginner sewer, here are a few tips:

  • Get fabric that doesn’t fray like fleece. That way you don’t even need to hem anything (turn over the neck and belly edges)
  • Take note of the places that say “cut on fold” that’s important!
  • IMPORTANT FOR ALL: This is a very looong coat because I designed it for Ellie who is dachshund in proportions. Be prepared to have to cut it shorter. It shouldn’t go past the base of your dog’s tail.

I created this pattern because like I said earlier, I shave my dog to the bone every few months, and I don’t want her to get cold! Here’s the result below.

My goal was to find a fabric that wasn’t itchy – she was constantly scratching her back when she wore her regular sweaters. It seemed to work until one day I brought her outside while she was wearing it and it picked up EVERY LEAF IN THE DRIVEWAY AND THEY NEVER CAME OFF. It was actually impossible to get all the leaves off. They were so stuck in the soft fabric! No matter, this coat was so easy, I’ll just make another one.



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